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Persian Rose, Saffron & Oud

Persian Rose, Saffron & Oud

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Sustainably sourced coconut base. Naturally paraffin free wax. Non-toxic crackling wood wick. 30h burn time. Vegan friendly. 

Intoxicating and mysterious. The blooms of the Persian Rose blend with Saffron and Oud to create the richest, most sensual fragrance. Delicately floral with the perfect balance of warm spice, dried fruits and wood - this refill is a bustling Middle Eastern bazaar in a candle.

Need to refill? 

Once the wax level reaches approximately 1/2", submerge the base of your pot in heated water for a few minutes; this will soften the wax. Use a spoon to lift out the wax, give your pot a wipe and drop in your next refill! Keep extra refills in a cool, dry place.

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